Plans For My Passport


I’ve been so lucky to travel the world to lots of beautiful and amazing places that I consider myself so fortunate to have witnessed at such a young age. My wanderlust however cannot be quelled and I find myself sat at my desk everyday dreaming off far off places I have yet still to visit. This post was inspired by the gorgeous Kate @ who wrote her own ‘Bucket List’ for travel, as I found so many of her destination dreams matching up with my own! 

The older you grow the more commitments you are faced with, making travel a harder and harder thing to do. I’m hoping I can tick off these before I’m 30… Here’s hoping!

New York

For this, I had exactly the same reasoning as Kate, which made me feel like I was not alone in my obsession. Gossip Girl has majorly, if not wholly, contributed to my burning desire to eat my lunch on the met steps or wander through Central Park with my very own Chuck Bass… This is truly the city for cliché dreams and I hope I would also be pardoned for wanting to grab a steaming coffee and a sugary doughnut from a nearby street vendor then go and indulge myself outside Tiffany’s a la Audrey Hepburn. I can’t help feeling a sense of romantic nostalgia for this city in which I have never stepped foot and therefore it rockets to the top of my dream list. 


This place lends to my false, tanned laid back persona which I’d like to think I have the potential to be (booI wishporcelain skin forever). Whenever I see an advert for Australia, a wash of calm seems to shower over me and I yearn to be riding a wave or camping under stars. I think Australia is somewhere everyone needs to visit once in their life to enjoy their carefree way of living that seems a world away from our own. Who knows, I may be a surfer girl yet…


I don’t quite understand how it is possible that a girl with such an innate and overwhelming love of Christmas as me has managed to get into adulthood without going and seeing Santa in his home town… It doesn’t quite add up! Aside from the fact that this place effectively centres around the most wonderful time of the year it also is the perfect Winter Wonderland fairytale-esque location in which dreams were made of. Although I would quite happily go tomorrow, this is a place I may hold off on until I have children of my own, so I can share the joy and live my love of the season again through them.


I’ve had the fortune of visiting lots of beautiful places in Italy from Venice to Lake Garda but never have I had the pleasure to explore the riches on offer by Rome. This vast cultural haven is host to some of the worlds greatest treasures and the inner geek inside me wants to soak up everything it has to offer. Plus between my love of the movies “When in Rome” and “Roman Holiday” I have VERY high expectations!


I may be beginning to sound like a broken record but its more movie magic that has inspired my desire to travel to this beautiful island. Whenever I’m in need of an instant feel good, my guilty pleasure has to be Mamma Mia – who can resist breaking into a bit of Dancing Queen when the chorus kicks in?! That gorgeous location has me hook, line and sinker every time and I refuse to believe such a place exists in our world without stepping on its shores myself. Plus, the dazzling white and blue is totally my interior dream and I can’t help but get a little giddy whenever a picture pops up on Pinterest…

Sign Off

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Picture sources: Sydney | Lapland | New York

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