Smart Guide to Travel

travel essentialsTwo weeks and I shall be stepping (or skipping with joy) onto a plane for some much needed R&R! In the run up to a holiday it’s important to make sure you have all your necessary bits and pieces – and I’m not talking about clothes! I’ve compiled a list of all the essentials to prep before you pack!

  • Travel Insurance – luckily I have a brilliant mum that reminds me of the little things or I would have forgotten this one too! Although you probably – touch wood – are never going to have an accident or illness on holiday, it is so important to make this a priority! If anything were to happen abroad, you want to make sure you’re covered, as it will take ALL the stress away. Boring but necessary folks!
  • Contact Details – before you jet off, it is almost essential in the rules of travel to compile a list of details for various points of contact. First off you’ll want the details of your hotel. There is nothing worse than getting in a taxi and not knowing how to pronounce where you’re going! Having their number also means in emergencies you have a point of contact in the country in which you’re residing. You’ll also want some contacts from back home. I know we live in a world of modern technology but come on – who HASN’T forgotten their phone at some point?
  • Translator – gone are the days when we needed to buy a phrase book if we wanted to converse overseas – now with just a click of a button we have it all free at our fingertips on the internet. So no excuse. You don’t need reams and reams of translations but just a basic grip of greetings and simple common phrases can go a long way! Locals are much more willing to help foreigners who attempt to speak their native language.
  • Lock & Key – even though most hotels offer a lockable safe, this is not always the case and some do require payment. This is obviously the safest option however, by investing in either a coded lock or a standard key lock, this can be attached to your suitcase whilst you’re out of your hotel room, to keep your belongings secure. It is also good practice to use one during travel too – most people forget that your luggage can be at risk in transport too!
  • A Brain – sounds stupid but this is the most important travel essential going! Even the most experienced travellers need to remember this. In a different country we come across different cultures, beliefs and ideas and it’s essential to be mindful of this when exploring. Find out if they require a certain dress code in certain areas before you go parading about in those micro shorts and bikini top – even if it is a zillion degrees! For safety purposes too – don’t go wandering off by yourself in unlit, suspect areas. As a foreigner to the country, you are a prime target for crime because you’ll be at your most vulnerable – it’s just common sense guys!

Keeping your head and being a smart traveller means you’ll have the holiday of a life time WITHOUT the stress or worry!

All that’s left then is to simply… ENJOY!

Sign Off


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